- RCS is GO. DPS is GO. Pressure is okay.
- 2000, 40 feet per second is good.
- 1000 feet.
- 500, 15 down, 33 degrees. Attitude control is good.
- 400 feet, down to 9, 15 forward.
- 250, down at 2-1/2. Go for landing.

You are extremely cautious about every move you make as a small mistake during landing leads to a crash. You slowly approach the surface of this uncharted planet and turn off the engine 5 feet above the ground.

Very smooth touchdown.

Now you can take a close examination of this large cube-shaped object and check what's inside. A rare type of crystal? An auto-repair set so you can fix the damaged long-range radar? or an alien anti-gravity thruster which may completely change how your ship fly?

Module X is a physics-based spaceship flying and building game inspired by Lunar Lander and Captain Forever. Fly your delicate spaceship in a challenging and addictive way by controlling the thrusters. Explore procedurally-generated planets and collect vital resources and exciting new parts. Build new ships with your engineering mind as everything is physically simulated and the ship design has a huge impact on flight characteristics.


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I tried my best.

Good job! Thanks for making the video!