Module X is a physics-based spaceship flying and building game inspired by Lunar Lander and Captain Forever.

- Fly your delicate spaceship in a challenging and addictive way by controlling the thrusters.

- Explore procedurally-generated planets and collect vital resources and exciting new parts.

- Build new ships with your engineering mind as everything is physically simulated and the ship design has a huge impact on flight characteristics.

* This game is in active development.


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what are crystals for?

You'll find out when you encounter a synthesis station :)

This is great! Such a beautiful game.

One issue I have is that I can't rotate ship parts with my Macbook trackpad - it needs me to click and right click simultaneously, which I can't do. Small complaint, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks for your feedback! It's small but super important!

Also, glad you enjoyed playing it!

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I tried my best.

Good job! Thanks for making the video!